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Since I started follow your classes, my English skills are growing day by day. The way that you teach us English is easy and helpful. With real life videos we can learn new things and specially how speak the natives Americans. For those who wish to develop their skills, I recommend start as soon as possible The Fearless Fluency Club. -Claudio, Brazil

I used to randomly pick English materials from the internet, but I always wonder if those words are common, if they are polite, if they are slang or too formal. Having a lesson set that explains in details the topic, the expressions you might use when talking about that topic, even the pronunciation of those specific words is so essential for me. -Monica, Italy

I really like your lessons wholeheartedly. You’re always positive minded. I respect you for it. I downloaded your lessons because I think that they are good, useful and excellent. Thanks to you that we sincerely learn English. My respect for you, Vanessa. -Algis, Lithuania

Become fluent with me each month step-by-step.

Each month, you can download the 4 video lessons, including full transcripts, MP3 versions, a monthly lesson guide, and a “How To Study” guide. You have the motivation to improve your English, all that you need is the right steps. Plus join me in our #1 English community on Facebook!

Lesson 1

Understand English TV shows and movies by starting with these real conversations. Each month, you will meet different English speakers so that you can imitate their speaking style.

Lesson 2

Master natural vocabulary with my husband Dan and I. In this conversational video, we talk about important vocabulary words from the conversation video.

Lesson 3

Throw away your textbook and learn natural sentence structure and verb tenses in this interactive monthly grammar lesson. You will master these concepts and enjoy it!

Lesson 4

Speak clearer and naturally with a native speaker accent. Each month I will help you focus on one important pronunciation point so that you can master it.
Hi! I’m Vanessa, your teacher and guide to help you speak English confidently and fluently. I’m sure you’ll love The Fearless Fluency Club! It’s the perfect place to learn English naturally and effectively. Welcome!

A lot of English learners ask me these questions:


  • Vanessa, there’s so much English material. Where should I start?
  • How can I know if I’m following the right path?
  • I don’t have anyone to speak English with. Who can I speak with?
  • How can I become fluent if I’m so busy every day?
After 7 years as an English teacher, I know that going to English class and answering some test questions is NOT going to help you become a fluent English speaker.
When I was studying French, I decided to NOT focus on lists of vocabulary words and grammar rules. They were boring and ineffective.
Instead, I focused on real French material and meeting other French learners and French speakers. This helped me to speak French fluently and naturally.
I want to help you become a confident, fearless, fluent English speaker.
And with The Fearless Fluency Club, you can do it, even if you don’t live in an English speaking country.

Imagine yourself communicating in English without being nervous.

I will help you reach that goal!

Each month, you will enjoy learning with the best materials to help you speak confidently and fluently. I’m sure your life is busy, so these lessons are designed to be effective and fun.

In our community, you will be encouraged and supported.

No more worrying about how you will become fluent. Now you have found the answer. The Fearless Fluency Club is the answer. You will love learning with these natural lessons and using English often.

Take a sneak peek inside the course:

What are the speaking opportunities in the club?

Join our private Facebook group to interact with other members and have direct access to me, your teacher and guide. In this group, you can immerse yourself in English. You can practice speaking and share ideas in English with other members from around the world.
Every week, I will have a *live* question and answer session in our private Facebook group for 30 minutes. We will talk about a different video lesson each week. This will help you have a goal each week and have a chance to ask any questions directly to me.
Become a fearless English speaker by having English conversations once a week with your speaking partner. You need to USE English if you want to become fluent. In the club, members will have an opportunity to speak on Skype together and answer monthly conversation questions to master each new topic.

At the end of the month, we have a Google Hangout with any member who wants to participate. We have a casual conversation together about the monthly topic. It’s a good chance to speak English, meet me, and also meet other members of the course. Maybe you’ll find a speaking partner from around the world in the Hangout!

Are you ready to join me and hundreds of other successful English learners around the world?

Vanessa has been playing an important role in my life about learning English. So I thought that The Fearless Fluency Club was going to be a very useful tool. And of course, it was. If you really want to learn very useful expressions in a natural way, I’m sure this is going to help you a lot. You won’t regret it! It’s an all-around great tool to improve your English. Vanessa’s a great teacher and I really recommend her. -Enrique, Brazil

I really enjoyed The Fearless Fluency Club. The lessons were very interesting, and they really helped my English to improve.  I found a lot of natural conversations that helped me to understand better when two or more native speakers speak together. The course is so well organized that I could efficiently learn and better understand colloquial English speaking. -Ida, Italy

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly will you teach me?

Each month’s lessons are based around a monthly conversation with a native English speaker. Here are some examples from previous lesson sets:

September 2016: We focus on a conversation with Jeff, a professional musician. Dan and I explain 19 vocabulary expressions from the conversation (including several phrasal verbs), the grammar lesson explains how to use comparisons in detail, and the pronunciation lesson focuses on the American “T” sound

October 2016: We focus on a conversation with Brad, a high school geometry teacher. Dan and I explain 18 vocabulary expressions from the conversation (including a lot of verbs), the grammar and pronunciation lessons focus on using contractions naturally and quickly.

November 2016: We focus on a conversation with Lauren, a hotel assistant manager. Dan and I explain 20 vocabulary expressions (including some polite phrases), the grammar lesson explains how to use -ING in 4 different ways, and the pronunciation lesson focuses on the most-used English sound (the schwa).

December 2016: We focus on a conversation with KC, a friend who lived in the coldest state in the US. Dan and I explain 19 vocabulary expressions from the conversation (including several slang expressions), the grammar lesson explains how to accurately use “IF” sentences, and the pronunciation lesson focuses on the wonderful “TH” sound.

January 2016: We focus on a conversation with Jack, a British friend who has lived in the US for a while. Dan and I explain 17 vocabulary expressions from the conversation, the grammar lesson explains how to expand your sentences to give more detail with prepositional phrases, and the pronunciation lesson features Jack again with some UK and US English differences.

How much is the course?

The course is $35 each month. Over time the price will go up, but the price that you join at will never change for you. You can cancel your club subscription any time. If you would like a discount, you can receive 50% OFF one month by signing up for 6 months, and you can receive 2 months free by signing up for one year.

When will I receive the new lesson set?
When you join the course, you will receive your first lesson set immediately via email. Each month, the new lesson set will be emailed to you on the 1st day of every month.
What level is this course for?
The Fearless Fluency Club is for intermediate English learners. If you have any doubts about if the course is a good level for you, feel free to send me an email in the contact form at the bottom of this page. Watch interviews with current English students here.
What is your refund policy?
We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. This means that for one month you can join the course, study the lessons, and join the live support each week. If you’re not satisfied, simply cancel your subscription, send me an email, and I will immediately give you a refund for your first 30 days.
How should I use the course?
When you purchase the course, I will send you a guide called “How To Use The Fearless Fluency Club.” This guide will give you daily, weekly, and monthly recommendations for how to use the course and how to enjoy learning English.
How long should I study the course each day?
I recommend studying the lesson material at least 15 minutes every day, but 30 minutes per day would be better. Your study time includes the live support from me in our Facebook group, Skype conversations with your partner, and watching the lessons.
Can I see a sample of the lessons?
Yes, of course! You can watch the sample video lessons and Live Facebook Support. Click on this link to watch the YouTube playlist.
Are the lessons only videos?
You can download a video (MP4) and audio (MP3) version of each lesson. I recommend watching the lessons at least once so that you can see the subtitles, but feel free to listen to the audio versions, too.
I'm an English teacher. Can I use these lessons with my students?
First of all, I’m so glad that you’re interested in using natural materials with your students! And secondly, yes. This course is ideal for following a clear, monthly lesson plan. Your students can use the videos as homework, you can use the speaking questions in class, and the students can review using the lesson guides.

Do you have a question? Ask me here, and I’ll help you.

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