We’re having a baby!

Thank you for sharing this exciting new time with us.


Polite Questions (to ask a pregnant woman)

When are you due?

This means: When is the baby coming? When will the baby be born? For us, the baby is due on July 8th.

How far along are you?

This means: How long have you been pregnant? For me, I’ve been pregnant for five months (today is the end of February 2017).

How are you feeling?

This is usually about physical health. For me, I’m feeling much better than the first three months!

Are you going to find out the gender?

In the US, it’s common to find out the gender through an ultrasound. Plenty of parents choose *not* to find out though.

For us, when we filmed this video, we didn’t know the gender. But after we filmed and before this video was posted, we found out!

We’re having a BOY!


Some people ask more detailed questions:

Are you taking any birthing classes?

In the US, it’s common for new parents to take birthing classes. You learn birthing techniques, what is biologically happening,Β  and how to take care of the baby. For us, we are going to take a 6-week birthing class at the end of May.

Have you thought about names yet?

The baby’s name is a really personal choice, so a lot of parents don’t want to share their name until the baby is born. But some people don’t care so much about secrecy, so they tell everyone.

For us, we have thought about some names, but there aren’t any conclusions yet.

Do you have a preference: boy or girl?

Even though you have no choice about a boy or girl, it’s fun to ask if someone has a preference. Make sure that you ask this with a smiling face because it might imply that the parent won’t be happy if they don’t get their wish.

Are you showing yet?

This means: can you see the woman’s belly yet? A lot of people ask this early in a pregnancy. Sometimes a women’s belly gets big quickly, and for some people, it happens slowly.


Somewhat Rude Questions

Was it easy to get pregnant?

This could be a really personal question because some people try to have a baby for years and years. So they might feel sensitive about this topic.

Was it an accident?

This question is rude because if you weren’t planning on having a baby, but you got pregnant, it implies that you doesn’t want your baby. If you are close friends or family, it’s better to ask, “Were you planning?” It’s a more positive question.

Are you happy?

This implies that the new parent’s shouldn’t be happy. So it’s better to ask an open question, like, “How are you feeling about being a mother?” Don’t forget to say it with a smile!

Wow, you’re so big! The baby must be coming soon!

In most cultures, it’s not polite to talk about a woman’s weight, but sometimes people think that this “social rule” can be broken with pregnant women. It’s not true though! If you are close friends or family, it’s better to say, “Wow, it looks like the baby is growing well!”

BONUS: Be careful if you want to touch a pregnant woman’s belly.

If you are friends or family with the pregnant woman and you really want to touch her growing belly, I recommend asking her, “Can I touch your belly?” In the US, sometimes strangers will touch a pregnant woman’s belly in the store or at work. And some woman feel like it’s too personal, so make sure you ask first!

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