Do you know how to order food in a restaurant?

Let’s talk about 3 different natural expressions that you can use.


#1: I’d like ____.

Maybe you learned this way to order in elementary school English classes!

I’d like a cheese pizza, please.

I’d like to have a chai latte, please.

I always talk about the differences between textbook English and natural English, so this is an important expression.

The expression in the textbook is actually correct!

How shocking! But there are several others that aren’t in you textbook…


#2: I’m going to have (the) ___. / I’ll have (the) ___.

It sounds like a pretty direct way to order, but we use it all the time!

*NOTE: When you pronounce “going to,” use “gonna” to sound even more natural.

I’m going to have the eggs and toast.

I‘ll have the fish tacos with salsa.

I didn’t mention this in the video, but you can also substitute “have” for “get.”

I’m going to get the chicken curry.

I’ll get the coconut ice cream.

*NOTE: You can use “the” or “a” when you order, but we often use “the” when we are pointing to something in the menu.


#3: I’m going to take (the) ___. / I’ll take (the) ___.

Don’t worry, this way to order isn’t rude!

I’m going to take the hot chocolate with whipped cream, please.

I‘ll take the burger, medium rare.

Even though you aren’t taking it, they are giving it to you, it doesn’t matter!


BONUS: I’m going to go with (the) ___. / I’ll go with (the) ___.

Are you actually going WITH the chicken salad sandwich? Are you going on a date with it? No way.

One of my students heard this way to order in a TV show and was shocked that the characters said “go with.”

Well, it’s true! I have used this a lot.

I’m going to go with the red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing.

I‘ll go with the daily special.

Have you ever heard this one before?


Now it’s your turn.

In the comments below this video, answer the question.

If I had a restaurant, what is something you would like to order?

Can you naturally use one (or all) of these expressions to order?

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