Do you have a difficult time keeping your hopes up?

How do you stay positive?


How to use “Keep Your Hopes Up”

Have you ever had a bad day when everything went wrong?

You woke up late because you alarm didn’t go off.

You spilled coffee on your shirt and had to change clothes.

Then you were late to work because of all you bad luck.

It seems like everything is going wrong.

Then when you get to work, your coworker tells you, “Keep your hopes up! The boss told me that you might get a promotion this month!”

You need to stay positive.

Or “Keep your hopes up!”

We use this expression in several situations: in a positive way to encourage other people, or in a negative towards yourself.


Positively and Negatively

Let’s take a look at some positive sentences:

Even though the presidential elections are really annoying, I’m trying to keep my hopes up. Maybe it won’t be that bad.

I know that you had a hard day, but keep your hopes up! Tomorrow will be better.

And some negative sentences:

When I watch the news, I can’t keep my hopes up. Everything seems so terrible in the world.

I have trouble keeping my hopes up when I hear about bad people in the world.


Now it’s your turn.

In the comments below this video, answer the question.

When was it difficult for you to keep your hopes up?

When did you help someone else keep their hopes up?

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