Have you ever had a near-death experience?

Thankfully, my experience wasn’t too traumatic, but I want to share some important vocabulary with you.

Even though it might seem like a simple experience, I was really worried after it happened.

I couldn’t stop thinking about… “What if…”


Advanced “Near-Death” Vocabulary

1. Mortality Rate: the amount of people who die doing something

Because of modern medicine, childbirth has a low mortality rate now.

2. Be a defensive/offensive driver: to be careful of other bad drivers/ to drive assertively

Even if you are a good driver, you have to watch out for other bad drivers. You have to be a defensive driver.

In some countries, you can’t let other cars always pass you. You have to be an offensive driver and assertive!

3. To be stuck: to be lodged; can’t be moved

The cat climbed the tree, but it was too scared to come down. It was stuck!

4. What’s up with something: to check out something

I emailed my boss to find out what was up with the meeting in the afternoon.

5. To barrel down: to go quickly

Some people barrel down the highway without thinking about the speed limit. Do you?

6. After hours: after working hours

Usually maintenance workers come after hours to fix problems in the office building.

7. In the first place: at the beginning

My son complained that his test score wasn’t good. But I said, “You should have studied in the first place!”

8. A near-death experience: an experience where you almost die, but you don’t

When we have near-death experiences, it makes us re-evaluate the shortness of life.


Now it’s your turn.

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How you ever had a near-death experience?

Can you use one or more of these advanced expressions?

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