Do you change your mind often?

Let’s talk about an expression to help you change your mind.

How to use “Now that I think about it”

Let me tell you a little story to explain this expression:

It has been a really dry fall. There hasn’t been any rain in my city.

When I look at all the beautiful leaves changing colors on the trees, I get excited!

I mentioned, “I’m so glad that it’s dry this fall because the leaves are even more colorful.”

But yesterday, a huge forest fire took over one of the mountains near my house.

It looked like an incredibly foggy day in the city, but it smelled like smoke!

I used to think that a dry fall was a good thing, but now that I think about it, some rain is better than nothing.

I had an opinion before: a dry fall is better than a rainy fall.

BUT because of the huge forest fire, I changed my mind.


Why is this expression important?

My English students often ask me how they can sound more like a native speaker.

One big key is to use expressions like this one.

If you didn’t learn “Now that I think about it…” in a textbook at school, don’t worry.

Because of the internet, you can catch up on those expressions that native speakers use, but you didn’t learn in school.

That’s my goal for Speak English With Vanessa. I want to help fill in the gaps of your English to help you become more natural.

And let’s have a fun time, too!


Now it’s your turn.

In the comments below this video, answer the question.

What is something that you changed your mind about?

Don’t forget to use today’s special expression!

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