I bet that 90% of my students tell me they can’t watch English movies and TV shows without subtitles.

What about you?

Do you want to watch English movies and TV shows without subtitles?

I have four steps that my student Alex from Italy and other students have used with success.


STEP #1: Easy English

If you’re a beginner and you have trouble understanding my videos, start by watching more simple YouTube videos or podcasts for English learners.

If you have read my free e-book and receive my weekly email lessons, you have received my free download with English learning resources.

On that PDF guide, I gave some websites that are helpful for beginner English learners to practice listening skills.

If you haven’t read the free e-book and downloaded the free resources guide, you can get it here.


STEP #2: Your Native Language Subtitles

Most of you are already beyond the beginner level, so I recommend starting by watching one TV episode that you really like with your native language subtitles.

This is helpful because you can get to know the characters and the plot (the story) first.

For Step #2, don’t worry too much about listening to the English speakers.


STEP #3: English Subtitles

After you understand the characters and plot and feel familiar with the episode, watch it again with English subtitles.

This is the step that might take the longest.

One of my Japanese students watched her favorite episode of Glee with English subtitles over 20 times!

If you don’t have the option to change the subtitles, I recommend using TED.com and find a presentation that interests you.

There are a wide variety of topics and a lot of different subtitles for each presentation.

Just click “Subtitles” in the bottom right corner of each TED Talk.


STEP #4: No Subtitles!

The final step, of course, is to watch the same episode without any subtitles.

Maybe you won’t understand every joke or every expression, but the goal is to understand at least 70% of the story without using subtitles.


Now it’s your turn.

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