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I joined The Fearless Fluency Club because I’ve been following Vanessa for some time, and I know how great her courses are. It’s not another course on the internet, where you take the course and are alone. It’s is different. She is really involved with her students in an amazing friendly group on Facebook where she welcomes and guide us in our journey to fluency. For all future students I just want to say that all of you will be in the best place and not only with an amazing teacher, but with a friend!!!!



Vanessa’s courses are absolutely an incredible solution for everybody who wants to become confident while speaking and sound more natural. This specific material has been created to help you to “fit” your knowledge of English into real life. It really will teach you to explain your thoughts in English more precisely without effort and grammar drills. All lessons include so enjoyable stories, so you’ll never get bored while listening. Thanks a lot, Vanessa!



I downloaded The Fearless Fluency Club because I´d like to improve my English skills and I was interested in your material because I really don´t have many possibilities to speak with natives so I think it´s important to hear a good natural pronunciation.

If you are thinking about joining The Fearless Fluency Club, I´d say, “Just try it, you will surely learn and enjoy those lessons.



I used to randomly pick English materials from the internet, but I always wonder if those words are common, if they are polite, if they are slang or too formal. Having a lesson set that explains in details the topic, the expressions you might use when talking about that topic, even the pronunciation of those specific words is so essential for me. That’s why I joined The Fearless Fluency Club with Vanessa.



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